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Providing Montana’s sheep and wool producers with community and the resources to succeed.

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April 20, 2024

Raising sheep and marketing wool is challenging!

Like the sheep we raise, we believe there is strength and security in numbers. Together, we can navigate marketing our wool, negotiating legislation, and provide a helpful hand while raising sheep in Montana.

Here at Montana Wool Growers, we’ve got the experience, community and resources to help you succeed!


Our dedicated community of wool growers is here to help you with information and advice. Or, share your own wisdom through our quarterly magazine and attendance at annual events.

Legislative Advocacy

You need a voice protecting your best interests on the legislative level. Our advocacy helps protect your business and keeps you up-to-date on relevant statewide issues. We have your back so you can focus on doing what you love.

Wool Pools

Need a better way to sell your Montana grown wool? Producers with smaller quantities of wool can see benefits from “pooling” wool with other producers to sell as a larger lot. These are immensely beneficial for wool growers across the state!

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Montana Wool Growers Magazine

Our quarterly print magazine is a fan favorite among our current members. This perk is available at every membership level and is filled with stories, advice, and current events in the sheep industry.

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For sheep and wool producers in the state of Montana

Associate Memberships

For sheep industry supporters anywhere in the United States

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As a membership organization, we’re all wool producers ourselves and understand the struggles and heartaches that come with the business. That’s why we come together to help resolve issues, share tips, and stay in tune with common interests here in the state of Montana.

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