Next Generation Wool Grower Program

Next Generation Wool Grower Program


  • The Master Wool Grower Program (December 1, 2016)- A comprehensive sheep management program that targets production benchmarking, financial enterprise analysis, marketing, and best management practices. Over 75 sheep producers throughout Wyoming and Utah have completed this program with 100% of participants recommending this program to other sheep producers, 60% of participants indicating more than $5,000 in value gained.
  • 2 Producer Field Days (Summer 2017)- Sheep producer working groups provide unique opportunities for information exchange. Two producer field days will be offered in eastern and western Montana, focusing on hands on educational activities including components of practical use of EBV’s, culling, animal health, nutrition and rangeland management. These field days will be facilitated by MSU Sheep Extension program.
  • Canadian Sheep Industry Exchange (Fall 2017)- An intensive three-day workshop and industry tour of Canadian lamb and wool industries. Industry visits to slaughter abattoirs, lamb feeding, and ewe-lamb operations will facilitate information exchange and generate translatable knowledge into best management practices. Participants will form working groups to present case study analysis at each operation to be presented at the Montana Wool Growers Young Entrepreneur Meetings at the MWGA Annual Convention in December 2017.


The Next Generation Wool Grower Program plans to facilitate a producer group to bring about change in the way our new and young producers operate their sheep enterprise. This program will result in the following impacts:

  • Improved education will increase the ability of the producer to manage their animals for higher productivity in both lamb and wool production by implementing technologies such as practical enterprise analysis, flock benchmarking, NSIP/EBV utilization, and practical best management sheep practices.
  • Improved communication will have an impact on the profitability through an improved awareness and understanding of marketing opportunities for both wool and lamb.
  • Improved education on flock management in the areas of health, nutrition and culling strategies will have a positive impact on the productivity of the ewe flock as well as realize the profitability of keeping healthy animals in the flock longer.
  • Networking as a result of the producer’s participation in industry events will provide opportunity to obtain knowledge and expertise from successful sheep producers from around the nation. This will positively impact the participants as they will benefit from the lessons already learned and receive mentorship from those who have established successful management schemes that may be adapted to their own situation.

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